Call for Presenters


Thank you to everyone who submitted proposals to present at RLS 2024. The window for presenter application consideration is now closed.

We look forward to some wonderful presentations this year!

Presentation Overview

Both Alliance for Recovery-Centered Organizations (ARCO) members and non-members are invited to submit presentation proposals for 1-hour session blocks.

Faces & Voices of Recovery encourages professionals specializing in addiction and co-occurring disorders from assorted organizations and disciplines to submit their proposals.

Session Focus Topics

We encourage proposal submissions from new voices and emerging recovery leaders spearheading changes in recovery spaces, the recovery movement, and recovery systems.

All proposals will be assessed through a social justice lens for diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Please submit your proposal no later than March 22, 2024.

Past Keynote Speakers


Stephen Loyd, MD

Chief Medical Officer, Cedar Recovery

Beth Macy

Journalist and New York Times Bestselling Author

Dr. Felecia Pullen

President & CEO, Let's Talk SAFETY, Inc.

Past Breakout Presenters

Heather Ogden

Linkage to Care Coordinator, CDC Foundation

Javier Alegre

Executive Director, Latino Behavioral Health Services

Leigh Beck

Member, Provider Circle, Vot-ER

Iisha Wesley

Executive Director, Minority Recovery Collective Inc. (MRCI)

Pamela Lanhart

Founder, Co-Executive Director, Thrive Family Recovery Resources

Karen Scott

President, Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts (FORE)

Karla Castro-Soto

Director of Helpline Services, Partnership to End Addiction

Lois Stepney

Clinical Program Coordinator, Nationwide Children's Hospital

Brian Sims

National Director, Project: REBIRTH

Tara Moreno-Wallen

Executive Director, Serenity House Community

Darrell Keim

Executive Director, Latah Recovery Community Center, Inc.

Elizabeth Cruz

Elizabeth Cruz, Womens Justice Institute

Tony Vezina

Executive Director, 4D Recovery

Flo Hilliard

Sr. Admin. Special Program Mgr, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Susan Kennedy

Senior Director, AcademyHealth

Michael Gluck

Vice President, AcademyHealth

Jonathan Lofgren

Faculty, Trainer, Minneapolis College

Zina Rodriguez

Social Worker, Certified Addiction Professional, Certified Diversity Executive

Alison Webb

Organizer, Virginia Recovery Advocacy Project

Stephanie Campbell

Director, NYS Office of Addiction Services and Supports (OASAS)

O’Nesha Cochran

Community Liaison, Miracles Club

Sierra Castedo de Martell

Doctoral Candidate, UTHealth School of Public Health

Sarah Laurel

Executive Director, Savage Sisters Recovery Inc

Karen Chrapek, RRT, CRPS-A

Executive Director, Volusia Recovery Alliance, Inc

Honesty Liller

CEO, The McShin Foundation

Kelvin Young

Certified Sound Healer and Owner, Kelvin Young, LLC

Theresa M. Knorr

Director of Education and Training, Friends of Recovery - New York

Tarusa Stewart

Founder and Executive Director, iHOPE

Dr. Dietra Hawkins

Chief Executive Officer, Both and Partners

Laurie Johnson-Wade

Co-Founding Director, Lost Dreams Awakening (LDA) Recovery Community Organization

Dr. Angelia Smith-Wilson

Executive Director, Friends of Recovery - New York

Serena Gunn

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Chelsea Dueitt Burge

National Partnerships Manager, The Phoenix

Tom Jackson

Organizer, Virginia Recovery Advocacy Project

Lynette Cashaw-Davis


Joyce Lyons

Project Manager, Rural Crisis Center Network

Natasha Cheatham


Melanie Beddis

Director of Programs

Ken Shatzkes

Program Director, Foundation for Opioid Response Efforts (FORE)

Jules Martinez

Clinical Director, Latino Behavioral Health Services

Chelsea White-Hoglen

Deputy Organizing Director, Vot-ER

Philip Rutherford

COO, Faces & Voices of Recovery

Paolo del Vecchio, M.S.W.

Director of the Office of Recovery (OR), SAHMSA

The Phoenix

Healing through Fitness & Personal Connection

Sarah Dalia

Product Manager, The Phoenix

Jacki Hillios

Executive Director, The Phoenix

Maurizio Guerrero

Associate Director, Spanish Language Content

Beth Connolly

Assistant Director of the Office of Public Health, ONDCP

Monty Burks


Dr. Rahul Gupta

Director of National Drug Control Policy and lead the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)

Marianna Reid

Manager, Faces & Voices of Recovery

Jon Picard

Manager, Faces & Voices of Recovery

Nelson Spence

Manager, Faces & Voices of Recovery

Dr. Pierluigi Mancini

Cultural and Linguistic Responsiveness Expert

ShaRon Heath

VORSMC Executive Director

Ryan Greenstein

Associate Director of Advocacy for GHAI’s Overdose Prevention Initiative

Libby Jones

Program Director of GHAI’s Overdose Prevention Initiative

Patty McCarthy

Chief Executive Officer, Faces & Voices of Recovery

Robert Morrison

Executive Director and Director Legislative Affairs, National Association of State Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors (NASADAD)

Gretchen Bergman

Executive Director, A New PATH (Parents for Addiction Treatment & Healing)

Kristina Padilla

VP of Education and Strategic Development, California Consortium of Addiction Programs & Professionals

Joseph Green

Chief Executive Officer, LMSvoice

Donna Woods

Founder, OCARTA

Joe Powell

President/CEO, Association of Persons Affected by Addiction

Tracie Gardner

Senior Vice President of Policy Advocacy, LAC

Dr. Felecia Pullen

President & CEO, Let's Talk SAFETY, Inc.