Dr. Felecia Pullen


Dr. Felecia Pullen is a qualitative researcher exploring structural racism’s impact on attaining recovery capital for people of color with a history of drug use. Her findings have been used to develop Racial Justice and Equity in Healthcare workshops and have resulted in the creation of the MRCAT, an assessment tool for professionals who develop recovery plans with their clients. Through multi-tiered approaches, she believes we can mitigate the harms associated with use and increase the attainment of recovery capital for POCWUD.

Dr. P. founded and is the President & CEO of Let’s Talk SAFETY, Inc., a not-for-profit that includes: SAFE in Harlem, a CDC-funded teen-led prevention coalition; The PILLARS, Manhattan’s first OASAS-funded Recovery Community & Outreach Center; and The SAFETY Net, a teen-designed Clubhouse in Harlem. Each division offers holistic, complementary, alternative approaches for individuals and their families.

Dr. P.’s policy advocacy and activism have been widely recognized. She has delivered numerous workshops in Culturally Responsive Recovery for SAMHSA; has been twice appointed by former NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio to NYC’s Municipal Drug Strategy Council; has produced media campaigns for the State and currently sits on the FOR-NY board of directors.

Through her strong partnerships with NYPD, The NYC Dept of Health & Mental Hygiene, colleges and Universities, public and private healthcare systems, and political stakeholders, Dr. P has delivered programs and services to over 20,000 individuals free of charge.

Her work is inspired by the vision of a caring and compassionate world where every adult and child thrives.