Joseph Green


Joseph Green is a professional storyteller, award-winning spoken word artist, educator, narrative disruptor, and person in sustained recovery. He advocates for and inspires those overcoming the disease of substance-use disorder through his keynote speeches and workshops. In his 20-year career, he has facilitated over 5000 workshops for people ranging from school-aged children to working adults on various topics, including substance abuse, recovery, and mental health. Joseph has traveled the country to work with youth and adults and has spoken for organizations such as the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Google, and Harvard Kennedy School’s Recovery Advocacy Project Organizing Institute. He is currently featured in the documentary, Tipping the Pain Scale, a film focused on the systemic failures and possible solutions for those struggling with addiction and our country’s epidemic of pain.

Joseph has created and facilitated numerous programs for youth across the country, including through his role at the Mentor Foundation USA, where he oversaw the national Drug-Free Slogan Campaign sponsored by H&M, the Shattering the Myths Youth Drug Prevention Rally, and created the ‘Living the Example’ Peer-to-Peer prevention and youth leadership program. Joseph partnered with Imagination Stage to co-create Voices Beyond Bars, a program that teaches social-emotional learning to incarcerated youth between 18-24 through creative writing, spoken word, and playwriting. While partnering with Imagination Stage, Joseph co-created the Youth and Police Partnership Program, where officers and youth use acting, improv, and visual art to begin conversations around themes relevant to their lives and communities.

As the Chief Executive Officer of LMSvoice, an educational consulting and production company, Joseph utilizes the art of storytelling and creative writing to empower people to disrupt harmful narratives about themselves and others. A Certified Peer Recovery Coach Trainer and Certified Mindfulness Facilitator, Joseph started LMSvoice to collaborate with other powerful storytellers and leverage his years of experience working in substance use disorder, mental health, and social justice into meaningful social change. Through LMSvoice, Joseph has created and facilitated training programs with The Recovery Advocacy Project, Mobilze Recovery, FSG’s Talent Rewire, Faces and Voices of Recovery, Rise Together Youth Programs, SAMHSA’s Office of Prevention, Community Catalyst, Walmart, R1 Learning, and many more.