Nelson Spence


Nelson Spence is man in long-term recovery from both substance use and mental health challenges. He joins the Faces & Voices of Recovery team as the Accreditation Services Coordinator where he uses his experience in technology and science education to grow and support recovery community organizations and peer recovery support service programs in their CAPRSS accreditation process. Prior to joining the team, Nelson worked for Oxford House, Inc., a non-profit nationwide network of recovery homes, as an Outreach Services Representative.

In his Outreach Service Representative role, he advocated for change in systems of care to expand recovery housing and aided in growing and building infrastructure for a formal Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Council. Working for nearly a decade in education, he is passionate about sharing knowledge with others and helping others grow in their own unique way. With this passion and his interest in growing the field, and in local and national communities, he is a dedicated and emerging leader and has been recognized for his work with ROSC in his home state of Texas.