Marianna Reid


Marianna Reid worked as the program coordinator for the Pennsylvania statewide Recovery Community Organization (RCO), Pennsylvania Recovery Organizations Alliance, for more than 5 years. She is a person in long-term recovery who is passionate about expanding how substance use disorder care is defined and provided across a long-term continuum that is inclusive of peer services and recovery community organizations. Since 2012, Marianna has taken a leadership role through volunteerism, mentorship, advocacy, and public speaking. She is a skilled training facilitator, an energetic public speaker, and an agent of social change for transforming public views and systemic practices to encourage and elevate recovery.

Her accomplishments include growing a statewide peer-to-peer training program to provide a state-approved curriculum for Pennsylvania’s Certified Recovery Specialist (CRS) peer support credential, training facilitation, and curriculum development. Marianna has played an instrumental role in developing a statewide RCO network by fostering relationships between and with RCOs across Pennsylvania by creating linkages between RCOs, recovery support groups, recovery allies, and the statewide RCO. Her experience includes resource development, establishing and managing membership platforms, and creating a social media campaign that promotes the inclusivity and authenticity of all recovery.

Mrs. Reid has served on several committees, working with the PA Department of Drug and Alcohol Services; Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services; Central Labor Council Community Services Committee; Recovery Advocacy Day Planning Committee; and Dauphin County Systems of Care Committee to provide feedback on recovery house legislation, integrated care, community service projects, and recovery month events. She is currently a committee member for HACC, Central Pennsylvania’s Community College, Human Services Committee.

Marianna’s passions include interdisciplinary leadership, inclusivity of the many voices of recovery, and the power of narration. As a social work major, currently enrolled in school, with a focus on mezzo and macro level social work, she emphasizes the importance of communication across systems of care, across the continuum of care; and at all levels of practice. She has had the honor of representing recovery at community recovery events and at the state level, speaking at the Harrisburg State Capitol on two separate occasions, for Recovery Advocacy Day and for the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. “The easiest thing I can do to advocate for recovery, is to speak about recovery”, says Marianna. She is committed to eliminating barriers to recovery and creating systemic changes at the community, state, and federal levels to expand access to recovery supportive services.