Please read and sign the below agreement in regard to your presentation at the Recovery Leadership Summit, October 2-5, 2022.
This SPEAKER CONSENT AND RELEASE AGREEMENT (“Agreement”) is provided to Faces & Voices of Recovery, a nonprofit corporation having its principal place of business at 10 G ST NE Suite 600 Washington DC 20002, (“Faces & Voices of Recovery”) by the speaker with respect to the presentation (the “Presentation”). In consideration for my participation in the Event and other good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I agree to the following with respect to the Presentation at which I have been offered the opportunity to be a speaker by Faces & Voices of Recovery:
1. Agreements
Responsibilities. I agree to present my Presentation on the date and time as it is laid out in my Presentation description and/or agreed upon with Faces & Voices staff.
  • I agree to meet all deadlines outlined by Faces & Voices of Recovery.
  • During my Presentation, I agree to not promote my services, my company, or my product, in which I have a commercial interest, except under terms already agreed upon between myself and Faces & Voices of Recovery.
  • I will notify Faces & Voices of Recovery immediately in the event that an emergency would prevent me from meeting my obligation as a speaker.
  • I agree to submit my final Presentation and/or supplemental resources and materials (“Materials”) to be distributed to participants or members. I will notify Faces & Voices of Recovery, if I do not want my Presentation, supplemental Materials distributed or made available to participants or members.
  • I agree that all technology and software for the Presentation will be provided and hosted by Faces & Voices of Recovery.
  • I agree that Faces & Voices of Recovery will manage the marketing of this Presentation and the Event. Any additional marketing and promotion done by the speaker will be at their own expense and at no cost to Faces & Voices of Recovery.
  • I agree to follow the presentation guidelines that are outlined here: https://rls.facesandvoicesofrecovery.org/presentation-guidelines/
2. Intellectual Property Rights to Recording and Materials
3. Representations
4. Compensation
5. Force Majeure and Indemnification
6. Code of Conduct
7. COVID-19 Duty of Care
8. Independent Contractor
9. Term, Termination and Survival
10. Event Registration
11. General