Shelly Young


Shelly works, writes, guides and speaks at the intersections of emotional & physical wellness, family, the impact of substance, mental health, recovery & healing. She is the Director of Programs for The Chris Atwood Foundation, has a private consultancy serving families and individuals in crisis or impacted by mental health conditions and substance use, a writer, yoga teacher and a passionate advocate for healing & wellness.

She also consults with healthcare organizations and law enforcement to better serve families impacted by substance use. Is the creator of the first ever Family Recovery Conference, a virtual conference for families impacted by substance use. When Google wanted to know how to help families impacted by substance use better, they asked Shelly to tell her story and give input on how they could help families with the search for care and guidance.

When’s she not helping individuals & families, studying the latest brain development research, relationship & attachment theory, nervous system science, creating maps for unhooking from systems of harm, and encouraging movement & meditation, she’s walking with her big black lab, practicing yoga or enjoying movies, good food and music with her family preferably somewhere warm and sandy.