Sharon Hesseltine


Presenter Bio

It was a cold and dreary day in early 2004 when Sharon Hesseltine took the flight that would end up changing everything. Her seat was in the last row and after boarding from the gate at O’Hare, she slipped into the window seat, rested her head, and truly slept for what seemed like the first time in a couple of years. It felt like only minutes before the flight attended announced “passengers, prepare for landing in Minneapolis/St. Paul” and from there, her journey to recovery from many chaotic years in active addiction began.

Today, Sharon is the President and CEO of Intentional Development Consulting & Training of Louisville, KY, an organization focused on promoting recovery from addiction. Sharon received her Bachelor of Science in Social Work from Southern Illinois University in 1981, and in 2011 completed a post-graduate Certificate in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health from the University of Minnesota. For over 30 years Sharon has worked in Public Health and specialized in early childhood development, women’s health, and addiction.

Her career has ranged from providing direct services to women through managing two sober living residences to designing and facilitating statewide and local collaborative initiatives that call on her skills in public policy, strategic planning, cross-sector collaboration, program assessment, and marketing. She’s been a national trainer, Technology Transfer Specialist, and facilitator for multiple organizations including the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, the Addiction Technology Transfer Centers (ATTC), and the Opioid Response Network. In 2018, Sharon took the lead in developing SUD specific training for Peer Support Specialists and Supervisors for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Sharon is passionate about reducing stigma associated with addiction and developing the capacity of communities, organizations, and individuals to better meet the needs of individuals with substance use disorders. With her husband, Scott Hesseltine, she currently resides in Louisville, KY.