Joseph Hogan-Sanchez


Presenter Bio

Joseph first began working in the recovery field after joining the Continuation and Development Team of the same recovery community organization that assisted him in his own early recovery, the Recovery Alliance of El Paso. He celebrates the commencement of his recovery on October 2, 2005. As a distinguished graduate of the 2009 Leadership Institute for Recovery Support Service Emerging Leaders, Joseph exhibits considerable talent both as a mentor for his peers and as
a skilled facilitator and trainer for others providing peer-based services. He has worked as a recovery coach since 2006. Finding his passion in facilitating recovery-based solutions; Joseph began training other recovery coaches. He has helped to train organizations and individuals from Las Vegas, Colorado, and many cities in Texas providing peer recovery support services. With the skill sets that he has learned from successfully completing the 2009 ATTC Leadership Institute as well as the 2011 Addressing Health Disparities Leadership Program of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare, Joseph helps others rise to any challenge and achieve their dreams and potentials, be it organizationally or personally. In addition to his work within the recovery community, Joseph is committed to reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community in an effort to help eliminate homophobia and heterosexism. His courage lending a positive face and voice for individuals living with HIV & AIDS, Joseph has tested HIV positive since 2003. He appeared in the 2009 December/January issue of Instinct magazine briefly sharing his experience and strength with readers across the nation.

Joseph is currently the Director of Programs for Faces & Voices of Recovery. He is also a co-founder of a recovery community organization (RCO) in Austin that provides recreational and educational events and activities for the community. A passionate and positive advocate for recovery, Joseph’s personal mission statement is, “To Inspire Positive Thinking and
Forward Movement through Motivation, Education, and Empowerment.”