Jesse Wheeler


Presenter Bio

Jesse Wheeler, a person in long-term recovery from substance use disorder, was born in Edmonds, Washington and has spent much of his life living in the western states. After enduring several years of addiction, he entered into treatment, and recovery, at the age of 18. When faced with the challenges of finding housing, employment and purpose after treatment, he was introduced to the power of peer support and discovered a passion for helping others. Not long after, he began volunteering for and spent much of his spare time advocating for employment opportunities for other youth exiting treatment. Jesse’s volunteer role later developed into a paid position, where he worked with Young People in Recovery on community organizing, peer service development and preventative health initiatives.

Throughout his professional career, Jesse identified an incredible opportunity to help recovery-focused organizations build out their technological infrastructure. He knew that personal testimony had power, but data and outcomes would need to become the foundation of treatment, recovery support, and recovery advocacy in order for improvements to be made. As the newest member of the Recovery Data Platform team, Jesse will focus on centralizing data and making it consumable and actionable in order to provide real-time insight. Despite the recovery cliché, Jesse is an avid coffee enthusiast – perhaps due in part to his prior tenure as a barista, and enjoys hiking, playing music and eating spicy foods.