Brian Hahn, Executive Director, TOHGE

Brian Hahn TOHGE

Presenter Bio

Brian Hahn is a person currently in recovery and trying to re-establish himself as a positive contributing member of the community with best efforts in extending genuine care and diligence at every opportunity possible. He has been in the consumer finance industry since 1993 and transitioned to banking in 2010 until mid-2012. Since then he has transitioned from several job opportunities ranging from substitute teaching to business development, to being a server, and coaching youth and high school athletes, etc. His current aspiration as being a participating and active member in the recovery process/community is to better himself not only as a person, but as a husband, father, and an overall positive contributing member of the community (paying it forward) on the Island of Guam. Brian has been a participating outpatient client of New Beginnings (Drug and Alcohol Division of Guam Behavior Health and Wellness Center) since 2012; in which he has and continues to participate in group therapy and one to one counseling sessions with a qualified/certified counselor. He currently has almost 8 (eight) years of sobriety, with his sobriety birthday being July 16, 2012. He attributes his sobriety to his faith-based values and beliefs, accompanied by the understanding that sobriety is a privilege and blessing in which you must consistently “chop wood and carry water” on a daily basis, taking nothing for granted with much gratitude. “Being thankful and appreciative for the haves, and not dwelling on the have nots in life.” He also has and currently continues to facilitate meetings of recovery in the 12 (twelve) Step Program which requires a high level of commitment, reliability, and service work on a weekly basis (Pre COVID-19). He has a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and a Minor in Business Administration from the University of Oregon. Currently, he is an active member of TOHGE, and a certified peer support specialist currently fulfilling an Executive Director role at TOHGE, a nonprofit 501 c 3 Peer Run Organization. TOHGE partners with Guam Behavior Health and Wellness Center, to include; The Salvation Army Light House Recovery Center, Oasis Empowerment Center, Voices and Faces of Recovery, Advocates for Recovery Colorado, Mental Health Addiction Association of Oregon, Peerlink, Georgia Council on Substance Abuse, and Opioid Response Network are a few other organizations that have been instrumental in the progression of TOHGE as an organization and in providing services, education, and training to other peers in the continuum of care within the community on Guam, Saipan, and Palau. His current aspirations are to continue to support his peers in recovery, along with supporting the initiatives being tackled by TOHGE in hope of creating a higher quality of life for all; building a more sustainable and efficient