Annemarie Ward, CEO, Faces & Voices of Recovery UK – Scotland


Presenter Bio

Annemarie Ward is the founder of the UK Recovery Walk Charity – now known as Faces & Voices of Recovery UK (May 2015). The aim of the charity is to be a policy advocacy movement that is taking on issues of discrimination, social justice and service access.

Faces & Voices of Recovery UK is also a public and professional education movement, intent on challenging stigma. They do this by delivering messages of hope to the cultures of addiction within their systems and treatment.

In the past, Annemarie’s work included being a founding director of the UK Recovery Federation, The alcohol and drug partnership co-ordinator for Ayrshire, and the head of research & development for a small charity. Her work has also included the development, implementation, monitoring, and review of local research & development schemes in health-related services. She has also conducted a variety of small research projects, managed self-harm and addiction projects, regularly written funding bids and organised workshops, seminars, conferences, and training courses on a variety of alcohol and other drug issues.

In that previous life, Annemarie had addictions to various substances, (not a drug of choice kind of gal, she liked them all till they stopped working). In fact, she says the only substances she hasn’t tried are ‘alcopops’,  legal highs- she got into ‘recovery’ before their introduction – and glue, as where she grew up, glue was for boys and gas was for girls.

In August 2019 Annemarie celebrated 22 years of complete abstinence from all mind and mood-altering substances.

Annemarie has a Masters degree (2005) and successfully completed a PG cert in Competence in Managing Drug and Alcohol services (2008) both from the University of Glasgow.