Recovery Leadership Summit
Code of Conduct

The leadership and staff of Faces & Voices of Recovery are committed to providing the best experience in all our events in a learning environment, welcoming people from different positions, sectors and countries. We expect our events to be a respectful and harassment-free environment for people of all races, gender status, sexual orientations, abilities, nationalities, ethnicities, socio-economic status and beliefs.

Therefore, it is expected that staff, supporters, volunteers, attendees and speakers at Faces & Voices events:

  • Exercise consideration and respect in their speeches and actions.
  • Hold professional, respectful conversations and consider the points of view of others. Discussions are part of problem-solving and disagreements occur all the time.
  • Be aware of the limits of personal space, good taste, humor and physical interaction as they differ from person to person; if you feel someone is uncomfortable - whether they say so explicitly or not - respect those limits. Be aware of your environment and that of your co-workers.
  • Refrain from discriminatory, degrading and/or harassing behavior. Such inappropriate behaviors may be included in the following list, but are not limited to Sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic or otherwise discriminatory jokes or language physical intimidation, stalking or after a sustained interruption of conversations or events.
  • Advocating or encouraging any of the above behaviors.

For other violations of this Code of Conduct not described above, you may send an email to

This Code of Conduct applies to any event of Faces & Voices, including meetings, conferences, symposia, assemblies, receptions and workshops, exhibitions, side events and any other forums that Faces & Voices organizes, hosts or sponsors in whole or in part, which takes place in its facilities or outside them, whether or not organized, hosted or sponsored by Faces & Voices.

This code of conduct applies to everyone who attends a Faces & Voices event, whether or not they are involved in any way.