Dr. Dietra Hawkins

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I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist who holds a faculty appointment as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Yale University School of Medicine, Program for Recovery and Community Health. I have spent nearly two decades helping individuals, communities, and organizations apply research-based approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I am a published author and frequent speaker for workshops addressing Appreciative approaches toward system change, Recovery Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC), Asset-Based Community Development and Inclusion, and the Healing of Racism.

I am also a mother, a wife, a Black Catholic, and an ally for all people in recovery. I am a book and dance enthusiast from Memphis, TN. I use she/her pronouns. My work is rooted in the values of faith, integrity, humility, collaboration, and inclusion. I love my work because, on a basic level, it is about bringing people together to facilitate healing.