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FOUNDING PURPOSE: CLEAN Cause Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization formed with the founding purpose to act as a trustee for giveback funds generated by CLEAN Cause, Inc.

VISION: A world where everyone with a substance use disorder has what they need to support their recovery journey.

MISSION: To bridge the critical gap between addiction and early recovery, by funding recovery housing initiatives that promote best practices, further research, and impact systems change.

GUIDING PRINCIPLES: Inspiration, Innovation, Impact, Integrity driven by Purpose, Passion, and Persistence

CORE INITIATIVES: Through collaborative relationships with community, research, education, and advocacy experts, our primary initiatives address:

  • Delivering a rigorous recovery housing scholarship program that focuses on high-quality and supportive living environments for people in early recovery.
  • Collaborating with subject matter experts to further research, data, and best practices around recovery homes and contribute towards the development of evidence-based practices and a high standard of substance use disorder care and recovery.
  • Driving change around addiction and recovery with a special focus on the impact of recovery
    housing and related systems change.

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