Advocates For Recovery Colorado

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Advocates for Recovery Colorado (AFRC) is an independent non-profit organization that is governed by representatives of the statewide recovery community. AFRC is the state-wide authentic Recovery Community Organization in Colorado, and their Mission is, “We strive to be the voice of hope, empowering those affected by substance use through advocacy, education, and peer recovery support services in all Colorado communities.” AFRC supports ALL PATHWAYS of RECOVERY and believes PEOPLE ARE IN RECOVERY WHEN THEY SAY THEY ARE!

All of AFRC’s staff and board members are people with lived experience in recovery or family members of people affected by substance use. The organization is committed to the Core Values of Authenticity, Empowerment, Equity, Inclusivity, Integrity, and Service and serves as the “VOICE” for the Colorado Recovery Community.

AFRC started as an advocacy organization in 2001 and focused on putting a “Face and a Voice on Recovery” in Colorado. They have continued that work and advocate for statewide policies that will enhance access to recovery support services in all Colorado communities. AFRC is committed to being at the table with legislators and policymakers and being a key partner with the state in decision making related to enhancing support for people in search of or living in recovery. While not solely responsible, AFRC’s advocacy efforts have made a big impact on recovery funding in Colorado.

A few examples of the funding increases include a 10% set-aside for recovery in Colorado from the Federal Block Grant, a $1.6 million dollar grant program to support Recovery Community Organizations and utilizing State Opioid Response (SOR) funds to support recovery support services.

In 2013, AFRC began providing free Peer Recovery Support Services to the Denver metro community. Their FREE peer recovery support services are targeted to serve the indigent community of Colorado. These services include group and individual peer recovery coaching; hosting All Recovery Meetings, both in-person and virtually; and holding multiple recovery social activities each month to connect people with others in recovery.

Currently, AFRC has four locations across Colorado: Denver, Aurora, Sterling, and Montrose. All locations have AFRC Recovery Community Centers to serve both urban and rural areas of the state, and they intend to continue to build more centers to continue their work helping more Colorado communities build recovery.